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Metal Arbors & Wrought Iron Arches

Metal Arbors & Wrought Iron ArchesAmerican Iron Fence Co also sells garden arbors that can work with your fencing and compliment your outdoor elements.

Our garden arches will hold your heaviest flowers and vines and offer a vertical structure. We do carry lots of styles from the plainer Mission styling to a more ornate archway so you choose what works best to coordinate with your home's architecture.

Many of our customers want to enclose their yards with fencing and the traditional garden arbor placed over the walkway will welcome all their family and friends.

When ordering the first option is rusty. We can paint your purchase if you prefer one of many fashion colors.

In order to get the variety that we like, we have many of these products handmade for us in Mexico.

XL Ronda Wrought Iron Garden Arbor - Metal
Skyview Wrought Iron Garden Arbor - Metal
Custom To Fit - Wider Sky View Wrought Iron Arbor Arch
Metal Arch Moberly Flower Garden Arbor
Wrought Iron Arched Moberly Tunnel Arbor Pergola
Metal Ground Up Moberly Pergola Arbor
Wrought Iron Moberly Arbor With Rectangle Sides
Sonoma Wrought Iron Garden Arbor - Wedding Arch
Ronda Top Wrought Iron Garden Arbor - Archway
Abbey Mission 84"t x 65"w Wrought Iron Arbor Trellis
Abbey 92"t x 65"w Mission Garden Arbor - Wrought Iron Trellis
XL Abbey Mission Garden Iron Arbor - Flower Arch - 84"t x 90"w
XL Abbey Mission Wrought Iron Arbor 90"w x 92"t
XXW Metal Mission Tall Driveway Arbor - Wrought Iron - 10 ftw
XXW Metal Mission Arbor - Wrought Iron - 10 ft (117") Wide
Medallion Wrought Iron Garden Arbor - Flower
Abbey Metal Mission Arbor Pergola - Wedding Tunnel 84"t x 65"w x 142"L
Metal Abbey Mission Arbor - Wedding Tunnel 92"t x 65"w x 142"L
Wider Metal Abbey Mission Pergola - Driveway 84"t x 90"w x 142"
Metal Abbey Mission Pergola Gazebo / Driveway 92"t x 90"w x 142"
Metal Egyptian Arbor - Garden Wrought Iron Arch
100"t x 48"w Wrought Iron Sunburst Flower Garden Iron
108"t Sunburst Metal Garden Arbor - Flower Vine Arch
Dominic Wrought Iron Garden Flower Arbor
You Choose The Width - Custom Made Madison Garden Arbor
Big Wrought Iron Arbor that Spans 9' for Driveway
Criss Cross Wide Driveway Flower Arbor - Tall Arch
Wrought Iron Ornate Driveway Arbor
Wrought Iron Mission Flower Trellis Arbor - Attaches to Wall
92"t Wrought Iron Mission Half Arbor With Wall Attachment
Huge Wrought Iron Driveway Arbor - 120" Tall
Wrought Iron Criss Cross Berwyn Arbor  Metal Trellis
Wrought Iron Glenview Shell Arbor Trellis - 57" Wide
Wrought Iron Rosemont Fancy Curl Arbor Garden Structure
Wrought Iron Gothic Hinsdale Arbor Garden Trellis
Wrought Iron Henry Wildwood Garden Arbor Trellis
Wrought Iron Lovers Sweetheart Arbor Wedding Structure
Wrought Iron X Wilmette Garden Arbor Trellis
Wrought Iron Sandusky Arbor Metal Trellis
Wrought Iron Cross Medallion Waverly Arbor  Trellis
Wrought Iron Scroll Winterset Arbor - Metal Arch
Wrought Iron Curvy Archway Riverton Arbor
Narrow Wrought Iron Curvy Flower Garden Archway Riverton Arbor
Sunburst Arbor Gate Entry - Metal Archway 48"w x 108"t
Wrought Iron 48"w x 100" Arbor Gate Entryway
Wrought Iron Ornate Arbor Trellis Solid SteelHenry Custom Width Wrought Iron Arbor - Wide Arch Entrance
Metal Henry Arbor With Gate & Posts
Wrought Iron Michael Arbor Arch Trellis for Vines and Flowers
King George Metal Garden Arbor - Finial Topped