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FREE SHIPPING? We offer free shipping on orders over $40 from American Iron Fence. For more information go to our Shipping Page.

HOW MUCH FENCE DO I NEED? Send us your layout with measurements and we will do the rest. We can cut pieces to fit your space right down to the inch! You can go to our Request a Quote page to get an easy form to fill out.

HOW LONG BEFORE I RECEIVE MY ORDER? Normally we process and ship each order within a few days. Custom items take a few days to a couple weeks to make. If we are temporarily out of an item and are making more we let you know there will be a slight delay. If you want to know before ordering just give us a call. 217-773-3778 M - F 8:00 to 4:00 central time.

DO YOU SHIP OUT OF THE US? We no longer ship outside of the United States to Canada because of shipping costs.

WHAT ARE MY COLOR CHOICES? We can paint our gates and smaller products several colors. You will find a sample picture with metal flowers painted the same finish as the color options that we offer. Normally our fencing is left to rust or oxidize to a dark brown color. The first option when choosing a surface color is Rusty. That is our metal surface unfinished that rusts or oxidizes. All our painted colors are flat with out any gloss.