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Meet Our Staff

Owner Garrett Ingram


Meet Garrett - He is the head of the American Iron Fence Co and the one you will want to help you with your fencing project.

Susan Ingram


Here's Susan - She is Garrett's Mom and is here to help with whatever needs done.

Austin Rayborn


Austin is the head welder - He can fabricate anything.

Debbie Ham


This is Deb - You will be talking to her and she is the get it done person.



Welder Chris Builds to Last.

JJ Easla


JJ is our Packaging Expert - He slices and dices boxes all day long.

Jeremy Easla


Jeremy is our Finish Man- Painting is his expertise.



Woods His Game but give him a task and Jeff is the guy that will tackle it.



Now Dakota is out for perfection. The level is his friend.



Focus on the product she does. Her style comes across in all her work.



Bryan pushes us onward through the world wide web.



Jeremiah packages all freights - He's a busy man.



We Could Not Do It Without You.