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3' Tall Wrought Iron Fencing & Gates

3' Tall Wrought Iron Fencing & GatesFor sale in this section, the 3' Tall Wrought Iron Fence Panels with Cast Iron Finial Rods and custom iron gates. American made, welded in Illinois, built to last in your gardens and lawns.

This fencing can be installed with cast iron-topped spears or 1.5" square finial topped posts. Notice many of the pictures show you the square posts that we make with connecting tabs welded in place to fit your situation. They do add a finished look to your project and most customers are ordering these for corners and gateways. Do contact us with any questions. We can help you figure your order and fit our fence right down to the inch.

Need help assessing what you might need for your project? Do call us at 217-773-3778 or email us at info@americanironfence.com. We also have this Buying Guide with lots of information and videos with installation tips that show you how easily our fencing is installed.

AIF Wrought Iron Hairpin - Fence Panel - 3 ft Tall
Wrought Iron Fence Gate - 3  ft Tall  - Decorative Iron Gate
Relic Wrought Iron Gate - Handmade - 4 ft Wide for 3 ft Tall
Wrought Iron Small Garden Gate - 3' Tall x 44" - Iron Fence Gate
Rustic Wrought Iron Garden Gate - 3' x 5' - Relic Gates
Small Double Swing Gate - 3't  x 6'w - Relic Gates
Relic Metal Gate Wrought Iron - Center Divide - 3ft x 4ft
Relic Ornate Wrought Iron Garden Gate - Decorative - 3 ft
4.5'  Wide Ornate Wrought Iron Gate 3ft Tall
Lexington LX5 Wrought Iron Double Driveway Gate 3't x 10'w
Wrought Iron 3 ft Small Gate for Small Opening
1.5"sq Metal Support Post for 3ft Wrought Iron Fence Or Gate
Welded Shoe Anchor 3' Fence Gate Post - Concrete or Deck
3ft Wrought Iron Finial Topped Staking Spear for Fencing & Gates
AIF Wrought Iron Fence Panel - 3ft Single Hoop - Custom Cut
AIF Wrought Iron Fence Panel - 3ft Double Hoop - Custom Cut
AIF Wrought Iron Fence Panel - 3ft Triple Hoop - Custom Cut
Pair of L Shaped Metal Brackets
Wrought Iron Metal Posts - Fence, Driveway and Entry Gates3ft Chamberlain 3"sq Metal Fence Post - Wrought Iron Gates Support
3ft Chamberlain 3"sq Fence Gate Post - Platform Deck
3ft Odessa 3"sq Steel Fence and Gate Anchor Post - Wrought Iron Gate
3ft Heavy Odessa 3" Square Fence Post With Platform Shoe
3ft Montrose 3"sq Steel Post for Gates and Fencing
3ft Montrose 3"sq Fence Gate Posts Hardscape - Platform Shoe
Small Traditional Metal Gate - 3' Tall
Wrought Iron Entry Gate With Hoop & Spear - 3' x 7' w
Wrought Iron Design Gate - Cast Iron Finial - Iron Gates 3't x 7'w
Wrought Iron Steel Arch Gate - 3't x 5'w - Iron Garden Gates
Wrought Iron Garden Gate - Fence Gate 3 x 6 - Solid Steel
Wrought Iron Gates Used Indoors For Dog Kennel Doors
Barrington Metal Entryway Garden Gate - 36"w x 36"t
Wrought Iron Antique Style Delavan 3' x 3' Custom Gate
Metal Ornate Wilmington Rectangle Gate 42" tall X 36" wide
Double Driveway Gates For Wrought Iron Entry LX6 3't x 12'w
Wrought Iron Double MX7 Driveway Gates 3't x 14'w
LX8 Driveway Gate - Wrought Iron Entry 3't x 16'w
2"sq Higgins Metal Post for 3ft Fence And Gates
2"sq Higgins Fence & Gate Post - 3't With Platform Shoe
4 Metal 43" Stakes For Fence - Quad Finial Plant Supports
3ft Waconda 3"sq Wrought Iron Fence & Gate Achor Posts
3ft Waconda 3"sq Fence Gate Post For Hardscape - Platform Shoe