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AIF Wrought Iron Fence Panel - 6 ft - Fence System

Our 6' tall solid steel fencing is the largest fence that we build and will work well for your yard fence or can be used to surround a business.

Each metal fence section is 43.5" wide when installed. We can help you figure out your situation right down to the inch. We offer narrower sections so it fits perfectly.

Notice for this tall fence we have 3 horizontal bars. In our 6' fence category we sell gates and posts that coordinate with this strong fencing. We recommend our 1.5" square posts at the corners and gateways to support this tall metal fence. You can place the posts every few sections down the run according to the look you would like.

Notice that one picture shows our 4' tall fencing installed on a slope. We want you to see how our fencing will work in every situation. To install on a grade you would start at the lowest part and work upward. If you making rounded corners us narrower sections for tighter turns.

Our wrought iron fencing and gates are unfinished which oxidizes to a rusty finish. Our rustic looking fence works well with most homes and neighborhoods. The solid welded iron fencing will last for generations and never has to be painted. Some of our customers do choose to paint it and we recommend a rusty metal primer and then top coating.