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Double Loop Wire Fence Gates - Scallop Top Wire

Double Loop Wire Fence Gates - Scallop Top WireThese double loop wire scalloped top fencing gates are fashioned after the vintage double loop wire fence from long ago. The fencing is made from galvanized metal using 11 gauge wire for a more eye pleasing look and a sturdier long lasting product that will remind you of Grandma's garden.

You can find all our Woven Wire Fence and Gates here . The hardware to hang these gates are included and as always shipping is free.

Made in Australia

Decorative Wire Loop Ornamental Gate - 36" x 36"Ornamental Woven Fence Gate - Galvanized Metal 36"t x 48"w
Double Loop Galvanized Entry Gate 3't x 5'w Historical Style
Large 3't x 6'w Entry Gate With Double Loop 11 Gauge Wire And Hardware
2 Gates - 3'tall x 3'wide Hung To Make a 6'wide Center Divide Opening2 - 3'tall x 4'wide Woven Wire Gates Hung To Make a 8'wide Center Divide Opening
10'wide Entry Gate w/ 2 - 3't x 5'wide Double Loop Woven Wire Gates
Make a 12' Entry - 2 Galvanized 3't x 6'w Double Loop Gates
Decorative Loop Galvanized Metal 48"t by 36"w Gate
Galvanized 48" by 48" Scalloped Top Fence Gate
4't x 5'w Antique Style Galvanized Woven Wire Loop Gate
Big 4't x 6'w Swing Gate - Galvanized Woven Loop Design
2 Woven Wire Gates For 6'w Opening - 4't x 3'w Galvanized
Wide Center Divide Woven Wire Gate Made 8' Entry - Use 2, 4x4 Gates
10' Gateway - 2, 4't x 5'w Galvanized Woven Wire Gates
Biggest Woven Wire 12'w Gateway - 2, 4't x 6'w Galvanized Gate
Ornate Galvanized Ring Top Gate - 56" tall x 36" wide Woven Wire Entry
Create A 6ft Wide Gate Entrance - 2 - 3ft Wide Forged Ring Woven Entry
Historical Galvanized Woven Wire 56"t x 48"w Forged Ring Top Gate