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Decorative Double Loop Wire Fence - Vintage Style

Decorative Double Loop Wire Fence - Vintage StyleRugged, long lasting double loop decorative scalloped lawn and garden wire fence like the antique woven wire fence of the past. The crimped, vertical 11 gauge galvanized wires are tightly woven into two twisted strands of galvanized horizontal wires. Vertical wires are spaced at 3" apart up top. At the bottom (second loop) spacing narrows to approx. 1-1/2" apart.

Woven construction of the heavily galvanized wires assures long lasting protection from rust. Tight openings discourage climbing and keep rolling balls and other items inside the yard. This functional and sturdy woven ornamental lawn and garden fence will dress up your yard for many years, giving it a classic look from another era. This fence makes a statement!

The surface color is silver and unpainted. At this time we recommend wooden or metal posts that you should purchase on your end. A Fence Stretcher will help you pull the fencing tight for the best look. NOTE that 100' rolls might vary 1 to 2 Feet in length.

Our Galvanized Wire Installation Guide.

Scalloped Top Double Looped Wire Fence - 3' t x 100' Roll
$749.95, 4/$2,959.80, 5/$3,649.75
Decorative Double Loop Fence - Scalloped Top - 4' t - 100' roll
$949.95, 3/$2,819.85, 4/$3,719.80, 5/$4,599.75
Ornamental Double Loop Fencing - 25' x 3' tall - Scallop Top
$229.95, 2/$429.90, 3/$629.85
Double Loop Wire Woven Fence - 25' long x 4'tall Roll
$279.95, 2/$539.90, 3/$734.85
42"t Woven Double Loop Wire Ornamental Fence 100' Long
$1,039.95, 3/$3,074.85, 4/$4,039.80, 5/$4,999.75
Decorative Double Loop Fence - Scalloped Top - 3' t - 50' roll
$394.90, 2/$759.80
50ft x 4ft Tall Ornamental Woven Wire Old Fashioned Fence