5ft Fence Options

The 5' tall perimeter metal fencing is a great height for security around your home and because of it's solid steel construction it works well for business installations.

We offer several narrow sizes to make you installation easier. If you would want our help to figure exactly the sections and gates you will need you can get a Fencing Request Quote and we will help you with all your measurement to get you the perfect fit.

We have several gates from small pathway gates to large driveway gates to fit any opening. To see all our products for your fencing project go to our 5' fence listing to find the perfect gates for your needs.

Each Full Panel is 43.5" - Narrower Sections Available for Perfect Fit
AIF Wrought Iron Fence Panel - 5 ft - Fence System
$154.95, 20/$3,039.00, 30/$4,498.50, 40/$5,958.00, 50/$7,397.50, 60/$8,817.00
Relic Metal Gate Wrought Iron - 5 ft Tall
Relic Metal Gate Wrought Iron - Center Divide - 5ft x 4ft
Relic Ornate Wrought Iron Garden Gate - 5 ft
Relic Metal Gate Wrought Iron - 4 ft Tall x 6 ft Wide
Relic Wrought Iron Gate - Handmade - 4 ft Wide for 3 ft Tall
Lexington LX5 Wrought Iron Double Driveway Gate 3't x 10'w
AIF Wrought Iron Fence Panel - 3ft Single Hoop - Bulk Discount
$44.95, 5/$219.75, 10/$429.50, 15/$629.25, 20/$819.00, 25/$998.75, 30/$1,168.50
AIF Wrought Iron Fence Panel - 3ft Double Hoop - Bulk Discount
$72.95, 5/$359.75, 10/$709.50, 15/$1,049.25, 20/$1,379.00, 25/$1,698.75, 30/$2,008.50
AIF Wrought Iron Fence Panel - 3ft Triple Hoop - Custom Cut
$114.95, 5/$564.75, 10/$1,109.50, 15/$1,634.25, 20/$2,139.00, 25/$2,648.75, 30/$3,148.50

How is the 5ft Fencing Anchored?

Due to the the weight and height of the 5' fence anchor posts are necessary at the corners and gateways. For long runs we recommend additional posts every 4 sections at a minimum. Many of our customers use the 1.5" square anchor post more often because they like the look.

Notice the last stake is a solid steel rod with a cast finial. This stake is provide with each section to connect the fencing when an anchor post is not used.

See All Our Post Options
Square Wrought Iron Fence Post - Cast Iron Top
$50.00, 5/$240.00, 10/$475.00, 15/$697.50, 20/$920.00, 25/$1,125.00, 30/$1,320.00
Welded Shoe Anchor Fence Post - Rock or Concrete- Hardscaping
$60.00, 5/$290.00, 10/$575.00, 15/$847.50, 20/$1,120.00, 25/$1,387.50, 30/$1,650.00
3" Square Fence Post - Metal - Quantity Discount
Double Anchor Posts - Iron - End posts
3ft Wrought Iron Finial Topped Staking Spear for Fencing & Gates
$10.50, 11/$110.00, 20/$195.00, 30/$285.00, 40/$370.00, 50/$450.00
Wrought Iron Metal Posts - Fence, Driveway and Entry Gates


Take a look at our videos to see how easy it is to install our fencing. You will find several helpful hints that will save you time and help you better understand our perimeter fencing.

Fence and Gate Installation Videos