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Wrought Iron High Point Metal Gate - Steel 6' x 3.5'

This 6' tall x 3.5' Iron Access Gate hangs easily with a couple of metal brackets. It's perfect to allow access to your garden or side yard. The gate's made for a smaller space, and it's elegance will have your friends and family admiring your new addition. You can find brackets and accessories in our Hang It Up category. Or, give us a call for your unique situation, at 217.773.3778.

In addition to a garden, we've had customers add this very gate to a side yard, where it gives entry to an air conditioning unit, water faucet and hardscaped area between the neighbor's yard and your house. This gate's pretty versatile in all areas with a great height.

Our hoop and arrow points design's great for any garden or landscape. A metal garden gate lasts many generations more than a vinyl or wood gate.