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Strong Tahoe Metal Post Support For Fence and Gates

The Tahoe metal post styling has a beefy look with the attractive cast iron ball topping it for a finished look. Our beautiful wrought iron fencing is handmade and when combined with our corner and gateway posts the look is awesome. Our welders are busy combining strong metal parts creating each design to made your perimeter fencing special.

These posts can be made in any height to fit your needs and we weld tabs to fit. Of course they fit our 3', 4', and 5' fencing with the 6' posts slightly more costly do to the extra length needed. The main body is 3" square. The pictures with Susan show a the same post with a different top that was made to work with a 6' tall driveway gate. Yeah it's big.

Notice we can added a metal shoe for a fee to the bottom for the customers that need their post to anchor to Hardscape or decking and patios instead of buried into the ground.

Shipped in an unpainted Rusty Finish or we can paint it for you in the 12 finishes shown in the extra sample pictures.