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Metal Garden Fence Gate - Naples Series 6't x 5'w - Relic Gates

We made our Rustic Relic Garden Gate to bring back antique styles from the 1800's, when Americans were settling the vast frontier, and iron mills fired up to meet the designs of wrought iron fencing and gates. When you buy an iron gate from us, you're getting that classic look from back then, along with an approach to design and quality that you can count on. We'll check every weld, every measurement to make sure you get a perfectly designed gate.

At the top of this gate, we weld flat carbon steel to a one inch wide horizontal band. Those cross bar bands you see in the photos get holes punched in them to allow the cast iron finial-topped stakes to slide through. Each stake's positioned, and then it's welded to the cross bars. They're not going anywhere.

The benefit of metal garden gates over PVC or wood gates remains the same today - your gate will last a lifetime with very little maintenance.

Latches and hinge tabs included on this 6' tall x 5' wide all Stake gate.