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Lexington LX5 Wrought Iron Double Driveway Gate 3't x 10'w

The rustic antique style wrought iron connecting fence panels were perfect for our customers. We found that they were needing large driveway gates to enclose there entire property to keep their children and animals safe. Garrett and our welding department factored it all out and came up with this great design to work with the metal fencing that we offer.

We can build these gates that work with our 3' tall fencing that custom fit your measurements. These prices will help you figure the cost for your project.

If you need an automatic gate opener for your driveway gate call us. We have access to all types to fit your needs.

Notice some of the pictures are showing the 6' tall driveway gate. There are 3 horizontal bars in this gate to match the 6' fencing that we make to work with this gate.

Our wrought iron fencing and gates are unfinished which oxidizes to a rusty finish. Our rustic looking fence works well with most homes and neighborhoods. The solid welded iron fencing will last for generations and never has to be painted. Some of our customers do choose to paint it and we recommend a rusty metal primer and then top coating.

Notice the picture with a driveway gate and stone pillars. The pillars have stood at the Hannibal Missouri Riverside Cemetery for decades and we just added our handmade driveway gate with side panels. The middle of the gate stands 6' tall and the side panels are 6' tall.