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Classic Steel Iron Gate Wrought Iron - 6' x 6'

This Wrought Iron Gate's got an antique style with its hoop and arrow points design. To fence the perimeter of your yard and home decor you'll place access gates systematically among runs of fence. Our 6 ft x 6 ft iron yard access gate provides an antique look that is versatile enough for a modern home or a classic cottage. Some of the iron gate's elegance comes from the industrial designs of the 1800s, when Americans started fanning out to the Frontier and later settling the Midwest and Plains.

Some architects of the time, like Andrew Jackson Downing, brought Gothic designs to the nation's coutnry homes and farmhouses. The cast iron points on this Lockewild gate throw back to those times when a fence and entry gates system meant a developing and morally upright family dwelt within the property.