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Choose a Basket With This Caddy Ladder Back shelf

Choose a Basket With This Caddy Ladder Back shelfThis listing is special because with our antique ladder back shelves we are adding wrought iron basket. Choose your style. Both are great so it may be hard to pick.

Each ladder with have a shelf for displaying your goodies or collectibles. If you have a special need do let us know. Normally we have lots of vintage ladders to choose from and can find the perfect one for you.

You will be able to lean this against a wall or if you want it higher we include a wire hanger so you can hang it to fit your space. Measures 58" tall to the top of the wood x 20" wide at the bottom. These are vintage so the height could vary to 60" tall.

Note that our paint finishes are dry brushed for a vintage look. The ladder backs are salvaged off old painting ladders so understand that there will be some paint splatters - "With Old Paint Drips". The other 12 colors are hand painted using a dry brush technique to accent the rustic feel of these old vintage ladders.

Display items are not included. You will receive the ladder with wooden shelf and a metal basket with 2 S shaped hooks. Understand that all our ladders are vintage so each one will be unique and slightly different. The size could also be an inch or two different.