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Posts Latches & Brackets to Help you Complete Your Fencing Project

Posts Latches & BracketsThis section is to provide you with more information to help you complete your project.

The gates will have hinges, tabs and a latch. We do offer posts that stake in the ground or posts that have a platform to bolt to hard surfaces. Many customers use wooden posts to secure their fencing and gates.

Andover Wrought Iron Fence Post - Bulk Sale Discount
$45.00, 5/$215.00, 10/$425.00, 15/$625.00, 20/$825.00, 25/$1,025.00, 30/$1,200.00
Welded Shoe Anchor Fence Post - Rock or Concrete- Hardscaping
$55.00, 5/$265.00, 10/$525.00, 15/$775.00, 20/$1,025.00, 25/$1,275.00, 30/$1,500.00
Pair of L Shaped Metal Brackets